PC Game Zone Near Me

PC Game Zone Near Me

If you’re looking for a PC game zone near me, you’ve come to the right place. Playerz Zone is a gaming and e-sports bar in NY state with dedicated streaming PCs, dual monitors, towers, and more. Intelligentsia Coffee also serves a variety of delicious beverages to fuel your gaming addiction. In addition to the above mentioned amenities, players can also expect to find a wide variety of e-sports events and tournaments.

Playerz Zone

Looking for a PC gaming zone near you? If so, Playerz Zone is the place to go. This gaming bar and lounge offers everything from towers and dual monitors to dedicated streaming PCs. It is a great place for people who enjoy playing video games and e-sports. Here, you can play games and watch e-sports matches with others. The Playerz Zone is conveniently located near most NY state areas, including Brooklyn.

E-Sports Zone

A PC game zone near me is a great place for you and your friends to get together and play video games. The gaming room is fully equipped with fiber-connected elite systems, gaming chairs, and MSI Mice and keyboards. Players are also invited to participate in weekly tournaments and win prizes. The PC game zones are typically appropriate for players aged 10 and up. However, content may contain mild violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, and infrequent uses of strong language.

Intelligentsia Coffee

There are few places that offer a more enjoyable gamer experience than an Intelligentsia Coffee near PC gaming zone. The full menu includes everything from salads and hearty chicken and mozzarella sandwiches to pastries and goods from Amy’s Bread. The smell of freshly roasted coffee is irresistible, and the flavor and aroma are sure to leave your PC gamers begging for more. Moreover, you can choose to support the local charity while enjoying a cup of coffee at this cafe.

In addition to providing great coffee, Waypoint Cafe also serves a community gathering place for gamers. Located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Waypoint is a new cafe in a neighborhood known for gaming and coffee. It was founded by Luigino Gigante, who hails from a caffeinated background. During finals week, he prefers his cold brew over a Red Bull.

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