New Games Announced at the PC Gaming Show

New Games Announced at the PC Gaming Show

PC gamers should keep an eye out for the PC Gaming Show. The show will be hosted by the legendary Sean Plott, and you can look forward to seeing the new games that are being released. In addition to the trailers for new games, the show will also feature the latest updates from publishers like Frontier & Frontier Foundry, Alawar Games, Humble Bundle, and Fellow Traveller. The event will be aired live at 11am PST on YouTube.

Game Source Studio and Iceberg Interactive showcased Nitro Kid, Mahokenshi, and Tidal Terror

Nimble developers Game Source Studio and Iceberg Interactive were at the PC Gaming Show to promote their new games Nitro Kid, Mahokenshi, and The Tidal Terror. These new games will all be available on Steam and are expected to launch within the next year. The PC gaming show takes place every year in Las Vegas, and this year, both companies showcased Nitro Kid, Mahokenshi, and Tidal Terror.

Other highlights include an animated trailer for Stormgate, an RTS game inspired by the classic Castle Crashers. The game is expected to launch on PC in September and PS5 and Xbox Series XS. Another upcoming game is The Invincible, an isometric strategy game based on the Wizard XCOM franchise. The game will be released on the PS5, Xbox One XS, and PC, and will feature heavy metal soundtrack.

Suspicious Developments presented Tactical Breach Wizards

At the recent PC gaming show, developer Suspicious Developments showcased a new game called Tactical Breach Wizards. The turn-based strategy game combines magic with gunfights and features a world-spanning conspiracy map. Players take control of a group of wizard agents, and their objective is to eliminate the hostile forces. The game is due out sometime in 2022.

Tactical Breach Wizards is a new turn-based strategy game that allows players to use spells, guns, and windows to take down hostiles. It will be released on PC through Steam after finals. The developers also showcased a new trailer for another game they’re working on called The Invincible, which showcases some of the first gameplay footage. The game is currently slated to release on PS5 and Xbox XS in 2023, but it will also be available on PS4 and Xbox One S, as well as on the PC.

Quite OK Games presented Laysara: Summit Kingdom

Developer Quite OK Games has revealed a new game, Laysara: Summit Kingdom, at PC gaming show E3 2018. The title is the first mountain city builder, and players are asked to build settlements on a mountain’s slopes. The game’s resources, enemies, and dangers will have to be monitored to ensure the survival of the kingdom. Laysara: Summit Kingdom is due for release in the first quarter of 2023 for Windows.

The game’s gameplay is highly different from other city-building games. In Laysara: Summit Kingdom, players must rebuild their cities on various mountains with different weather and layout conditions. To survive and grow your kingdom, you must plan your settlements according to the conditions of the mountains and implement trade networks and avalanche prevention measures. As you build and upgrade your settlements, you must also build a trading network with nearby settlements.

Ravenage and Dreamside presented Frozen Flame

After being selected to be showcased at the 2022 PC Gaming Show, Ravenage and Dreamside Interactive picked up the game to publish. Its main inspiration came from the Darksiders franchise, so it is no surprise that the game has been compared to Epic Games’ Fortnite and Phoenix Labs’ Dauntless. But the game is much more than just a simple battle royale. The game features a procedurally generated fantasy world, and players must collect energy to use it to combat their opponents and survive.

The team behind the game, Ravenage, has released a new Frozen Flame trailer, screenshots, and a press release for the game. The game will launch on Steam Early Access in the fall of 2022. The game has been in development for several years, but its recent announcement at the PC Gaming Show gives us an early look. Despite its long development time, the team behind the game raised $129,000 for the project, which is an impressive feat. Players will have to explore a wide variety of locations in an attempt to find conduits that can stop the icy disaster.

Crate Entertainment presented Farthest Frontier

Developed by the same studio responsible for the highly successful game Grim Dawn, Farthest Frontier is a city-building game set on a remote frontier. It will launch into Early Access on August 9 and invite players to establish a town and defend its pioneers. The game will require players to harvest raw materials, hunt, fish, and farm. They will also have to train their troops to survive the hostile environment.

The game features a hefty variety of crops and resources, dozens of unique structures, and a deep farming system. It includes seasonal rotations, soil fertility, and dozens of other factors that will help you grow your crops. Players can also choose the difficulty level of the game, whether they want to be a pacifist or a raider. Farthest Frontier is due to release on August 9 through Steam Early Access.

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