How to get better at CS GO?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is recognized worldwide by the name of CS GO. This incredible game is a great subject of interest and excitement for all the gamers out there, particularly for the shooting game lovers. Are you one of the people interested in this game? Do you want to know all the details about it, including the CS GO tips and how to get better at CS GO? This article is a detailed and highly informative oversight of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game. So if you are looking for some CS GO pro tips and tricks, as well a guide of the basics of this game, keep reading – it will definitely be worth it.

The gaming industry is relishing every second.  There is no doubt about the versatility of the mindset, temperament, and taste of the gamers. A large percentage of gamers is crazy about shooting games. That‘s also one reason why CS GO is played by millions of gamers in different corners of the world. The Counter-Strike series is quite a big hit, with a fan base counted in millions.  It has many remarkable features but before talking about the CS GO strategies, let us talk about  its developers and the brief history of this amazing game.

Market launch and the hit of CS GO.

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game was launched on the market on August 21, 2012 – the initial release date. It had a very good reception. The CS GO game was designed by two very efficient gaming programmers – Minh Le and Jess Cliffe. The developers of this game are Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment. The joined efforts of the two companies and many co-workers  resulted in the creation of this beast, released in 2012.

In return, the gamers quickly showed their love of this game. It is still famous today, as it continues to be one of the best shooting games. Valve is the publisher of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Mike Morasky is the creator of this game. The gaming engine is supported by the Source. There is much more to be revealed about the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game, so keep reading.

The gameplay and theme of CS GO

This game really has it all – it fits all the expectations and desires of the gamers who love shooting video games. It has several gameplay modes which have different and unique characteristics, all complementing the theme of the game. The gamers can play with different gameplay modes, as they wish. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive enables its users to play in a multiplayer mode – resulting in more excitement and thrill from the game.

In this game, two teams are fighting against each other: one team of terrorists dealing with the activities of the second team. This first-person type fighting video game is truly wonderful. It includes many interesting missions and weapon use which include: planting or dropping bombs in the city buildings or homes, killing all the rival teammates, and destroying the warfare created by the  opposing team. The game remains exciting  until the very end of the mission which  keeps the players engaged.

The gameplay modes are remarkable because each of them has appropriate and diverse weapons, challenges, obstacles, and many more. The multiplayer mode enables the players of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game to form and switch between teams from different regions of the world. The battle royale game mode Danger Zone was launched on the market in December 2018. It was highly enjoyed by the CS GO players.

How to get better at CS GO competitive?

If you are playing the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game but aren’t very good at it, then this section is for you. It will really help you to improve your gameplay. In this section, we will describe the effective methods and CS GO tricks that will take your gameplay to the next level. You will be able to configure it to your preferences and enjoy it even more. We will also describe how to get better at Counter-Strike. Let’s get started without any further ado.

Aiming at the target in CS GO.

In many shooting games, the players face the issues of aiming and shooting at their targets correctly.  Games such as Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, and Apex Legends are quite different from the CS GO gaming strategy – its shooting style needed more efficiency. In this regard, the best way to proceed is to do some standing practice. The player should try to shoot a target marked on the wall, in a standing position. The shots are pretty elegant and accurate when the player is dealing with rifles like AWP. In other cases, the shots are sometimes blurred and do not hit the target.

At the initial stages, the gun recoil is the biggest problem when shooting at a target. You can perfect your technique by practicing – try clicking only once and avoid recoiling patterns, make the mouse movements clear and sure. In most cases, the shot travels vertically, is irrelevant to the position of the target or moves to the side. To land the shot on the exact desired point, try to concentrate on the tips above.

Filling the movement gaps.

Shooting in a standing or laying down position is very easy and can be managed by beginners. However, some players experience difficulty while shooting on the move. So, for the smooth landing of the bullet released from  your weapon, concentrate on two factors: the relatable timing of strafe movement and the explosion. You should also focus on the gun recoil pattern. Although you have continuous shots, the pattern involves hitting your target appropriately. Also, remember that if the enemy is close to you or your squad, you should avoid doing gun recoiling.

Choosing the weapon.

It is very important to handle the weapons in a good manner so that the gameplay can be enjoyable. Killing the other members of the opposing team is the biggest priority. If you are not capable of deciding on the weapons then you can’t achieve the mission accomplishment. If you will not kill the opponent then he will kill – the choice is yours.

If you are supposed to kill the enemy who is near you then a pistol is the best option. It is the most appropriate weapon for short-range killings. If the enemy is far away and you want to inflict maximum damage or if it’s  a headshot opportunity, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive offers two adequate assault rifles. These are the M4A1 and the AK-74, which allow a multitude of shots to hit the target. You still  need to practice the gun recoiling effectively. Another brilliant weapon in CS GO is the AWP SubMachine Gun. It does not require for  you to be at a distance from the target. AWP is the best way to secure the kill by  firing just one shot. Practice gap bridging and gun recoiling movement first.

Making a purchase from your buy menu.

CS GO allows its players to buy versatile weapons and use  a wide range of guns, including pistols, rifles, SMG’s armors, grenades, etc.. The players complete the missions, overcome the difficulties and kill the enemies, earning more and more money which allows them to buy their weapons of choice. This also upgrades the players’ game level.

The best things to purchase from the buy menu are armors, as they are the best source of protection during the gameplay. There are different kinds of armor related to the mission theme. One of the  most important and frequently bought things in the game  are grenades. If you have an opponent squad in a building, hand grenades are a great option which allow you to kill all of them at once. Choosing your weapons correctly will not only make your game smooth but also entertaining at the same time.

Watching pro players of CS GO.

This might sound a little strange to you and you might prefer to go on practice mode to work on your skills instead of watching the pro players. It will make you more skillful and this is also a very important part in playing CS GO. But if you want to elevate the level of your gameplay then watching live streams is a great tip. It is your opportunity to carefully observe the strategies. You will come to know the different styles of attacking, making plans against the opposing team and setting up traps.

While you are in the game, the most important thing is to cooperate with your teammates. Communicating with each other more efficiently will enable you to better understand the actions of all your teammates. You can also learn amazing counter strike tips from their gameplays. Never miss a good live stream if you want to learn valuable skills and elevate your game.

Learning the gun reloading times and patience.

This is a necessary thing to consider in shooting video games. Most of the beginners do not know about the perfect timing of gun reloading, as they are not aware of the enemy’s actions. As reloading a gun takes a while, do it only when you are in a safe place, far from your enemies. Otherwise, the enemy will surely kill you on the spot. Secondly, the players sometimes get impatient. For example, planting a bomb or dropping it on the ground is not an easy task. It requires patience. So if you don’t want to lower your rank, you should be patient at the action site.

Overall feedback on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Game.

The fame and popularity of this game are based on many aspects, such as  graphics, gameplay and theme of the game, as well as incredible striking techniques. All these factors contribute to the success of this game. When it was released onto the gaming market, the players, as well as the critics were very positive and appreciative about this game.

 Although the previous versions were a bit less smooth and had some drawbacks, the developers of the CS GO improved it a lot. After the free PC versions of this game were launched, great improvements were made. For instance, the introduction of new-style weapons, city structure, bomb dropping techniques and mission accomplishing criteria, among many more. This also created a large map-making and community demand.  When the PC version was released, the fans of CS GO were greatly surprised that the developers at Valve Entertainment made it free for all players.. It is estimated that 11 million gamers play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive monthly.


Summing up all of the points from above, we must say that this is an incredible game with engaging features. It has brilliant one-person shooting configurations. Additionally, there are several modes which enable a great deal of fun and amusement in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game. Follow the above tips and tricks to make your gameplay even better. Try them out and enjoy this game with your friends and other players of CS GO. 

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