007 Nightfire PC Game Review

007 Nightfire PC Game Review

The PC version of the popular 007 series was developed by Gearbox Software, which heavily modified the GoldSrc game engine. Its driving levels, developed by Electronic Arts and Savage Entertainment, were not included in the Windows version. Instead, Gearbox Software focused on the first-person mode and multiplayer modes. This game also featured an original song performed by Esthero and a score composed by Steve Duckworth, Ed Limick and Jeff Tymoschuk.


The Heckler and Koch P11 in 007 Nightfire is a complete weapon that cannot be obtained without cheats. It shares the same underwater property as the laser rifle. In the console version, this weapon is only a nonlethal dart gun. The UP11 also has a distinctive chest texture, which was labelled as GLORIOUS WASTED SPACE. The UP11 is not the only weapon in the game that bears a reference to 007, as you can find it anywhere.

The game takes place in Paris. James Bond, along with French DGSE agent Dominique Paradis, must protect her from terrorists who intend to blow up the city’s New Years celebration. In order to disarm the bomb, Bond must use an electromagnetic pulse, which would otherwise detonate the explosive charge. The UP11 in 007 Nightfire PC game

Forced stealth missions

The forced stealth missions in 007 Nightfire are one of the game’s biggest problems. The gameplay is confusing and you’ll often find yourself leading your enemies by the nose. This is especially true when you’re trying to stealthily kill distant targets. Thankfully, you can use tranquilizer darts to knock out enemies. In this case, it’s well worth the difficulty.

The forceful stealth missions aren’t the only problems with Nightfire. There’s a lot of artificial stupidity going on in the game. Enemies and allies will sometimes run up to you and try to fight you, forgetting you’re there. When they don’t notice you, they’ll get a set of new objectives and are forced to rethink their tactics. They also often lose their weapons and cannot fight you without them. The lampshed in Blofeld’s lair is a prime example of this, as it’s designed to break down.

The game is made with a first-person perspective. There are different weapons to use and collect, and the player can explore the environment while interacting with the NPCs. By completing missions, players earn points, which can be used to unlock additional weapons. In addition to stealth and other aspects of stealth missions, the gameplay is smooth. Unlike other James Bond games, it’s also easy to kill enemies, and even better, they’ll be unaware that you’re in their area.

Incredibly accurate enemies

007 Nightfire’s enemies are insanely accurate and can’t be dodged, even though they’re not always in your face. The game features driving missions, first-person missions, and driving-based stealth. Driving is more similar to the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish from Die Another Day than Halo, with more on-rail action. Sneaking and zip-lining are also common in Nightfire.

The audio in the game is also great, though it could use more talk from the enemies. Unlike other James Bond games, Nightfire’s voice acting isn’t overly British. The game also has a multiplayer mode, which allows you to compete against other players in the same level. While the game doesn’t have the same charm as the others in the series, it offers some fun extras that fans of the series will appreciate. It even has remote control vehicles, characters from the Bond universe, and a lot of fun modes.

Lack of feedback

If you are looking for a James Bond PC game, 007 Nightfire is a great choice. This game is a side-scrolling homage to classic Bond movies. The stage designs are designed to evoke various Bond films, and the intro features a rendition of the James Bond theme song. The gameplay, on the other hand, is pretty mediocre, with a lack of feedback and some annoyingly awkward controls.

Graphics are passable in 007 Nightfire, with the most noticeable feature being the lead character. The lead character resembles Pierce Brosnan in appearance and moves exactly like the actor. While most of the cutscenes are blurry, character faces animate well when speaking and reacting to other characters. Overall, the PC version of the game has a good style and most environments are realistic.

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